A fun and creative art experience 

#101 - 1121 12th Street

Kamloops Art Party is a locally owned and operated company which offers paint lessons for large or small groups of all ages with tips and tricks to bring out your inner artist. 


Find our studio at #101 - 1121 12th St and see our schedule of opening times at our studio page.   


You can enjoy food and drinks at a variety of our venues while you create your project or plan one in your own home.

Your ticket includes:

  • All supplies and materials 

    • Paint

    • Brushes

    • Acrylic on canvas, watercolour painting or glassware

    • Aprons

    • Table covers

  • Easy to follow instructions from a professional artist.  They will teach new techniques and give tips on specific painting skills and how to paint more confidently

  • A fun night of creativity in an encouraging atmosphere

  • Prizes and mini-games with certain packages

  • Clean up after the lesson

Book private events to spice up your birthday party, work party, batchelorette, or if you want an excuse to have a get together with a minimum of 8 participants. 

No experience required

Private Event Ticket Prices

Acrylic Paintings - $45

Watercolour Paintings - $35

Wine glasses (2 glasses per ticket) - $40


Minimum 8 people

** Subject to change for special occasions, and fundraisers**

More Information:

About the Artists

Carly Schmidt

Owner/Lead Artist

(250) 299-2202


Carly Schmidt, 30, is a Kamloops artist and the owner of two local businesses, Kamloops Art Party and Schmidt Faced Artistry. She has been selling her work locally as well as internationally for over 10 years.  You can find more of her work on facebook, instagram or at www.schmidtfacedartistry.ca


Jenelle Hystad


Jenelle is a talented Kamloops local artist with a heart of gold and a passion for nature.  Her pure spirit and fun energy shines in her teaching and creating abilities. Jenelle's positive and kind personality is sure to create an enjoyable class for any occasion.

Jenni Dyer


Jenni is a local earth friendly artist whose art consists of all re-purposed materials. Born and raised in Vancouver, Jenni was influenced by trains and back alleys arts since she was a kid. She started sketching at 9, mostly graffiti and cartoons. Into her teens and pre-adult, Jenni worked through painting and spray painting, to pastels and charcoal. She moved to Kamloops 17 years ago.
Jenni is a loving mother who taught her children to draw before they walked as babies. Her autistic son has been working towards being an air brush artist and sketch artist who has his own Youtube channel and teaches 1,000's of other children how to draw step by step. Her daughter is into Japanamation.  Jenni has rooted them to show off the creative side and share with the world.

You can check out Jenni’s one of a kind fashion accessory pieces at The Creative Earthling on Facebook and Instagram

Marcie Mutch


Marcie is a carefree and outgoing local artist whose life motto is simply “Live, Love, Explore, and Create”. She has always enjoyed expressing herself through different forms of art and hopes to inspire others to do the same. Her love for art, compassion for others, and unique personality makes for an art party that is not only comfortable and personal, but also unforgettable.  

Up for a party in the Shuswap area? Local artist Marcie is your girl!

Susy Randell


Susy Randell has a Visual Arts Degree and an education degree. She has been teaching art for over 10 years and is offering intermediate and advanced art lessons. Although she is trained in art fundamentals and technical practices, she loves having fun in the art process and welcomes creative and open minded styles.  Susy's classes will teach you how to properly shade, develop contour and create the illusion of a three dimensional space. She will instruct lessons on perspective and depth. Her classes consist of the development of proper portraiture, landscape painting and figure studies.  Sign up for Susy's classes and take your art practice to the next level and have a lot of fun while doing it. 

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Tel: (250)299-4342

#101 - 1121 12th Street

Kamloops BC