Booking a birthday party or team building event has never been so fun and easy!  Ages 3 - 12 will have a unique experience with options of splatter painting, stencils, finger painting, glitter, real artist supplies and brushes.  Many creative ideas tailored specifically for each group.

Splash and Stencil:

With a minimum of 6 participants, parties include all supplies; 

12" x 12" canvas, stencils, glitter, glow in the dark paint, set up, and clean up in our new art center located at 177 Tranquille Road. 

 Parties start at $30 per painter in our new studio space or $35 per painter in private residence

Painting times may vary depending on age, group size, and project from 1 - 2 hours with use of the space up to 2.5 hours at no extra charge.

Entertainment, creativity, and a place to do it all.


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