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Art is Contagious, Catch the Bug!!

Witnessing the transformation in people's mindset is truly remarkable. It's incredibly inspiring when individuals, initially hesitant and doubting their creativity, surprise themselves with the projects they're crafting. As they embrace the process without preconceived expectations, that's when the magic happens!

Reflecting on some of the paint nights I have taught, there are always times where people get anxious and start doubting themselves and the process. Its natural when trying something new. Regardless of initial self-doubt, once they immerse themselves in the moment, failures become inconsequential. Guiding them through techniques with a touch of encouragement, I see their eyes light up, and their inner child emerges. It's a beautiful thing! Not saying everyone should always accept failure when stepping into something new but the more you give yourself the ability to become a novice, the more you can grow without being so tied down to perfectionism.

Recently in the second week of a four-week pottery class, this amazing individual, who honestly has some natural talent. Regardless they showcased significant improvement after just one class, but their enthusiasm for the upcoming weeks was infectious! They radiated a contagious energy that left me equally exhilarated. This newfound confidence propels them to explore more, transcending the limits they once believed existed. It's a testament to the transformative power of creativity and truly the best part of my job.

Seeing the abundance of imagination and constantly being inspired by so many uniquely beautiful projects and people, its a never-ending realm

of positivity I cannot begin to explain, unless you try it for yourself.

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