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Creative Kids

Growing up in a pandemic has to be one of the hardest times for our littles. Many children of today don't have memories of what the world was like before the pandemic hit. Fears are becoming more main stream pressures have risen, mental health has never been so important. As everyone hopes for some sort of a return to normalcy, we should be encouraging healthy growth as much as possible.

Kids need a safe space to create, innovate, imagine and explore. Whether it is playing outside loudly, reading quietly, learning to socialize or getting messy with art, the need the chance to grow without the stress of the outside world.

Here is an activity that will entertain children while encouraging healthy play, and sparking imagination.

123 game: encourages creativity, imagination, connection

Think of a word, person, place or thing with a buddy. Count 3, 2, 1 and say the word at the same time. Get silly with it! Now draw out the word combination as one art piece. Compare drawings and see how creative you can get.

Ever seen a Harry Potter Octopus? How would you draw it?

Nick age 7: Why is art important to you? "It is fun, calm, sometimes funny. I am proud of myself when I create something I like."

What is an art piece you have done that made you feel proud? "When I first drew spiderman hanging from a web I didn't know I could do that."

Isla age 8: Why is art important to you? "I feel cheerful when I create."

What does it feel like to create? "Time feels like it goes super fast when I am creating something I like. I like everything about art."

What is your favorite thing to do with art? "Resin and paint pours are my favorite projects because I get to get messy and they turn out so beautiful and different every time. I feel proud on how good I am at painting and how much better I am than when I was 6."

Share your drawings with us @kamloopsartparty for monthly draws for free art supplies, drop in gift cards and more!

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