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Creating Workshops

As an artist you have this thirst to create. As you create you go through this whole process like everyone does. You have this amazing idea and you get excited and start. Going through this process you take pauses, wonder if it is a good idea, second guess, have doubts, stand back and wonder.... What am I doing?!?!?!

You push through and slowly the process comes back and makes sense again! (reminds you of life, doesn't it ?!)

When creating, and having that wonder if others would love to create it too, can be exciting especially if it is a fresh idea. I know for myself, I love sharing with my team and the community new ideas and making these creative connections. Everything after that is a bonus.

I get to witness everyday people creating who have never painted before, friends making friends, children having a safe place to creatively grow and expand in all different art mediums meanwhile embracing their own style.

Some workshops are more meaningful than others. When I created healing art journal workshops was something I did for myself during a rough time in my personal life and lockdown.

Coming out on the other end happier, healthier and eager to create a type of art that was different than my normal instructing classes. Sharing shadow work prompts, different mediums, relaxation breaks and using art mindfully.

Other workshops such as "lifes a beach" charcuterie board was just a personal project and has turned into a great workshop for private and public event parties. I mean who doesn't love snacks ?! Seeing so many unique ideas and people who have never picked up a wood burner is creating master pieces. Learning from all different artists and their technics at Kamloops art party is so inspiring and makes for sharing with community so exciting!

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