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VIP Artists of the month

With the launch of the new Kamloops Art Party VIP program, we are happy to highlight the first two VIP artists to take part in the program.

Devan Grace Storey (owner of Devan Grace Photography and published photographer), is such a wonderful soul. Not only does she have a beautiful eye for photography but is a gifted visual artist. "As a photographer I love to get creative! Kamloops art party is my favorite place to create art other than with photography. There are so many choices and Always something new to check out. I love going to ladies night weekly and drop ins when I can! I have really amazed myself with what they have helped me create and I've also made a lot of friends there."

Storey's interest in resin has blossomed into outstanding crystal clear pours. She has such a beautiful eye for design and creates the most truly stunning pieces.

Bella has been coming to create with us at Art Party since our very first studio. It has been such a joy to watch her flourish artistically as well as in life and confidence. Her inner strength and light is among the brightest and can be felt by all those around her.

"My name is Maliah Walker but I prefer Belladonna. I am a mixed indigenous persons of Canada and here is my story. At a young age I knew I was into this and I always struggled with my cultural identity and not only because I was disconnected from it but I was also different, I have had many struggles with mental health addiction as well as family issues. With everything that's happened I really didn't have anything but the only thing I did have was art, it was a way to

express myself in escape from the hardships of my life. Meeting Carly has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life not only she's so caring and compassionate but you encouraged is me to do my best and try my best and try new things. My art ranges anywhere from traditional crafts but my favorite is working with resin as I am able to create a beautiful landscape within something that is timeless and will always be there. I first met Carly while I was in a Interior Health Program due to my mental health and it changed my life. Not only was it a safe place to express myself but she wants again encourage me to try my best and I I'm so grateful for her compassion and kindness. One of the things that Carly and I have been so passionate about is land acknowledgement and the education of the Native and Indigenous peoples of Canada, making our voices heard means so much to me and she is amazing."

Our lovely Belladonna not only paints and pours but she adds a breath taking energy to her traditional indigenous artwork and professional level sculpting ability. Having her inspiring energy and enthusiasm in studio every week never ceases to amaze the whole staff.

Thank you to both of these wonderful ladies for being amazing supporters of the arts and sharing their skill.

Find out more about becoming a VIP artist:

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